Dating the same guy twice

17-Aug-2017 04:07

Hey, if you fall for guys crap easily thought I'd give it a try.What you are doing wrong is hanging out in the same places that you found the other guys like this.Even though this guy and I were 25 years apart, we had a lot in common. I didn't know then that our age gap would define the relationship. I got that; but even though I knew there was no future, I didn’t cut it off completely. After it ended, he talked to a lot of people about our relationship -- and what happened through the grapevine was unexpected. Women judged me as having an ulterior, economic motive: “She just dated him for his money,” or “She thought she could get ahead.” In our society people are so quick to judge a young, naïve woman -- never the older man who perhaps should’ve known better too. We worked in the same profession, had similar interests, and shared common philosophical views. So what if he was wrinkly, in all the places you might expect? There was zero jealousy on both sides, and I never saw him check out another woman -- due to him being satisfied, of course, but also him being well-seasoned in how to respect the opposite sex. Another lesson in dating: a fling with someone in your professional/personal circle is more often than not bad news. I have a friend who’s been married to someone for more than a decade who is 20 years older than her. So this weekend I was hanging out with my friend and her guy when all of a sudden the guy who ghosted me showed up.We talked & I told him how it was wrong for to just stop ghosting me & he agreed and apologized ad we hugged.I hate dropping the "therapy" line all the time, but maybe it could do you some good.With all due respect, it sounds like you have some self respect issues.

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If you don't like being treated like crap then QUIT ALLOWING them to treat you like crap.