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12-Oct-2017 04:36

Original Field Value - [cb:userfield field="FIELD_NAME" /]The user [cb:userfield field="username" /] lives in [cb:userfield field="cb_citystate" /] and his name is: [cb:userfield field="name" /].

In addition to being able to display fields with the new substitutions method you have a multitude of parameters that can be added to extend the substitution requirements.

Join the discussion below to view the CB 2.1.3 changelog.

Community Builder supports substitutions in many locations such as delimiter fields, field titles, cb content module, and more.

These additionally parameters are required to provide usage of the IF - userid, #me, #displayed, #displayed Or Meusertypeuser_id - myid, ##username Parametersuserdefault - [cb:userdata field="FIELD_NAME" user="REPLACEMENT" /]The user [cb:userdata field="username" user="#me" /] lives in [cb:userdata field="cb_citystate" user="62" /] and his name is: [cb:userdata field="name" user="#me" /].

The user Bob TBurns lives in Branson, MO and his name is: Bob.

You can read Kyle's latest blog to learn more about these new features.

There are of course many great existing features that let you automatically block users based on failed attempts (e.g., number of failed logins) or the blocking can be manually imposed by a moderator. Community Builder 2.1.3 and all Joomlapolis add-ons work just fine with Joomla 3.8.

If the IF and all ELSEIF conditions fail the ELSE content will be output. It's just a matter of trial and error to see what works for you.Parameters are also affected by operators which can change the way the the data is displayed or if it's even displayed at all.Note: All parameters must come after the field (e.g.Only the predifined parameters will return a result.

Other configuration parameters are not provided for security reasons.

It is basically a maintenance release, but it does have 5 new features / improvements and 18 bug fixes.

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