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In second place came the English film actor Hugh Grant, while Prime Minister Gordon Brown – despite being a fellow Scot – trailed behind, polling just 1.8 per cent of the vote.The ideal woman for Scottish men is the mature and sexy Helen Mirren, and supermodel Kate Moss garnered only 2 per cent of the vote.In order to promote awareness, prevention, intervention and education, Hope Crisis Center offers several forms of community education and awareness, including The Insight: a quarterly newsletter published by Hope Crisis Center, and a wide variety of educational presentations, trainings and in-services for the public at no cost.Preventing violence begins with education and awareness.Please consider integrating one or more programs from Hope Crisis Center into your curriculum, after school program, staff training, or organization meeting!For school settings, we strongly recommend utilizing several options to maximize reach and impact.Topics including consent, sexual assault/rape, date rape drugs, bystander intervention, and stalking are covered.

Excellent for civic, youth, or church groups who want to know more about what we do (all ages) Domestic Violence: Power and Control— covers statistics, dynamics of abuse, progression of violence, and more.This curriculum is evidence-based and regarded as one of the best prevention programs on the market today.