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AD: The first car was introduced into the business in 1914, and the last horse died in 1988.

Irv Berkemeyer was an avid racehorse enthusiast—he founded Cardigan Stables—and owned several world-famous horses that earned a considerable amount of money and trophies. The whole demographic of funeral service has changed dramatically in the past 25 years so that part of the service isn’t as extensive as it once was.

Automated email and GPS tracking have been big advantages.

I come from a tech background, so I’ve tried to leverage it as best as I can.

It’s a rare company that has withstood the economic ebbs and flows that have been the realities of the previous century—the Great Depression, the birth of the modern highway system, industrial revolution and decline, the swift rise of technology, numerous recessions, and two World Wars, to name a few.

NM: In the ’70s, we had strictly Cadillac limousines, which was “the” car.There were very few limousine companies back in the ’70s. Back in the day, everything was on paper, and put into books and folders.But then, each year I would look in the phone book and see 20 new companies. Now, with smartphones, chauffeurs are able to communicate with the office and update their status.Chauffeur Driven spoke to three representatives of BBZ, current President Nick Manoy Jr.; Vice President of Finance, Arthur Dolson, who has more than 40 years with the company; and Vice President Jason Messinger.

What are some key moments in your company’s history? / Sher, Leo / Stratakis, Constantine A *Prices in US$ apply to orders placed in the Americas only.