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(eds.), Subseafloor Biosphere Linked to Hydrothermal Systems, pp. Kato, S., Suzuki, K., Shibuya, T., Ishibashi, J., Ohkuma, M., and Yamagishi, A. Experimental assessment of microbial effects on chemical interaction between seafloor massive sulfides and seawater at 4ºC, Ishibashi, J., Okino, K., and Sunamura, M. K., Mikhailova, N., Huntemann, M., Pati, A., Ivanova, N. High quality draft genome sequence of determined from multigene sequence analyses. Kato, S., Ikehata, K., Shibuya, T., Urabe, T., Ohkuma, M., and Yamagishi, A. Potential for biogeochemical cycling of sulfur, iron and carbon within massive sulfide deposits below the seafloor. Yuki, M., Kuwahara, H., Shintani, M., Izawa, K., Sato, T., Starns, D., Hongoh, Y., and Ohkuma, M. Dominant ectosymbiotic bacteria of cellulolytic protists in the termite gut also have the potential to digest lignocellulose.

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Takashima, M., Manabe, R., Iwasaki, W., Ohyama, A., Ohkuma, M., and Sugita, T. Selection of orthologous genes for construction of a highly resolved phylogenetic tree and clarification of the phylogeny of Trichosporonales species. M., Sato, K., Sato, K., Mino, S., Suda, W., Oshima, K., Hattori, M., Ohkuma, M., Meirelles, P.